Drobo Drive Compatibility

It’s pretty common knowledge that you can supply your own drive with your Drobo. You can mix and match capacities and manufactures. But often times, the type of drive you select can have a big impact on the performance of your Drobo.

How do you know which drive to choose? That’s an excellent question. It really depends on your particular use case. For example, virtualized environments require Enterprise SAS Drives for optimal performance. Photographers however are going to want Performance SATA drives to serve their high-end media application needs.

Below are some tips to show the different categories of drives and their recommended use cases.

Low Cost SATA Drives:

  • Low performance task such as file storage
  • Lower power consumption
  • Examples are WD Caviar Green

Performance SATA Drives:

  • Photo, video editing or any high end media applications
  • Backup jobs
  • Examples are WD Caviar Black

Enterprise SATA Drives:

  • SMB that needs archival storage or backup
  • Offers high capacity at lower cost
  • Examples are Seagate Constellation CS, ES (SATA)

Enterprise SAS Drives:

  • Virtualized environments, including backup and replication
  • Microsoft Exchange, SQL Database, and mixed loads
  • Examples are Seagate Constellation ES.2 (SAS), WD RE (SAS)

Visit our choose your drive page for further information.

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