Adobe Professional Terry White Shares his Personal Backup Method

No photographer or creative professional wants to be in a position where years worth of data is lost due to a weak (or nonexistent) backup plan that ensures valuable files can be recovered without spending thousands on a data recovery service. While Drobo products are an ideal localized backup to keep your data safe in case of a single or dual hard drive failure, Terry White, an Adobe Certified Expert and Design Evangelist recommends having your photos, documents, and other critical files in multiple places, meaning three or more redundant copies. With a solid local, cloud, and remote offsite backup plan that other creative pros should take note to replicate, check out Terry’s backup workflow in his latest blog post.

Terry White

“Always have your photos in at least three places with one of those places being offsite. No matter what software, hardware or even cloud based solution you have, the worst mistake you can make is relying on ANY one thing/service. If you follow the simple rule above, you’ll be in a lot safer position than the average person out there.”

“I knew years ago that I was going to need a “scalable” storage system and that’s why I went with Drobo way back then. Their Beyond RAID technology allows me to swap out/or add a drive in my Drobo with a larger one without having to stop working or even reboot. As I need more space I just put in more/larger drives. If one (or even two drives fail at the same time) fails my data is protected. This doesn’t mean that I don’t need to backup. I must say that to date I’ve had no major issues with my Drobo hardware and it has protected me on more than one occasion from drives that have died.”

“One day I came home to an email alert from my Drobo letting me know that one of the drives had failed. It safely protected the data with no data loss. I replaced the drive and kept right on working! Also feeling at ease knowing that I had a BACKUP!”

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