Are you a CrashPlan Home User?

CrashPlan recently announced they are discontinuing their platform, CrashPlan for Home. This will take effect on October 22nd, 2018 or based upon your plan term.

Follow this 3-step guide to ensure your data is protected.

Step 1Planning

When will your plan end?

To find out when your plan ends, login to CrashPlan. You have access to unlimited storage with CrashPlan for Home until the end of your current subscription.

How much data are you backing up?

Use the CrashPlan desktop application:

  1. Open the CrashPlan desktop application.
  2. Select Destinations from the options on the left-hand side.
  3. Select Cloud.
  4. Select CrashPlan Central.
  5. See the amount after Space used.

Once you have determined your end date and how much data you are backing up, you can estimate how long it will take to switch to your new cloud provider.

Note 1: CrashPlan will provide you with an additional 2 months to arrange your replacement for your Crashplan for Home subscription. (We hope you will not need this extra time with proper planning.)

Note 2: You should also make sure you recover all files from Crashplan. Due to Versioning settings, some files you deleted from your devices may still be in Crashplan. You can make sure you download them back to one of your devices by following these instructions.

Step 2 – Recommended Option

Search no further than Drobo Dashboard, we have partnered with ElephantDrive to backup and sync your Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

What does ElephantDrive offer

ElephantDrive offers secure backup, file-syncing features, sharing and collaboration, recover and restore configuration and encrypted security.

Special Drobo and ElephantDrive Offer:

We have partnered with ElephantDrive to offer Crashplan Users a 3-month free trial /90 days (this provides you with an additional 1 month, before your agreement expires with CrashPlan)

Click here for special offer!

Step 3Setup

Switching to ElephantDrive is easy:

  1. Register for a free or trial account here
  2. After obtaining your ElephantDrive account, you can proceed to installing the ElephantDrive app by logging into your Drobo and navigating into DroboApps, then searching for ElephantDrive. (ElephantDrive is fully supported on select Drobo models, 5N and B810n.)
  3. After installing ElephantDrive on your Drobo, open ElephantDrive and proceed to connect your Drobo to ElephantDrive by logging in with your account information. Click here for additional help regarding ElephantDrive for Drobo

How long will it take to upload and backup data to ElephantDrive?

Users may experience different transfer speeds when using ElephantDrive.

However, total transfer time is dependent on many factors, not only your broadband speeds. One factor commonly overlooked is “encryption time.” This is the speed at which your device encrypts your data locally before uploading it to ElephantDrive servers. This encryption process will take time and varies depending on hardware, primarily processing power and available system resources. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate how long a backup will take to complete.

Keep in mind:

  • Data is encrypted locally before the upload process which factors into total transfer time.
  • All backups are incremental, this means after an initial upload, only files which have changed will be re-uploaded. Your transfer rates will ultimately improve after an initial upload of data.

Will my data be moved from CrashPlan directly to ElephantDrive?

  • You do not need to undertake any data transfer between Crashplan and ElephantDrive. You only need to setup your system to backup to ElephantDrive

How to Install & Setup ElephantDrive on a Drobo:

Setting up your Drobo for automatic backups to ElephantDrive is a simple two-step process. First, install the ElephantDrive App on the Drobo. Once the installation is complete, configure and setup the backups.

Instructions for installing ElephantDrive App on Drobo:

  1. Open Drobo Dashboard.
  2. Click to choose your Drobo device on the Drobo Dashboard.

3. After selecting the Drobo device, click on Drobo Apps on the left.

4. Once you select Drobo Apps, you will see the ElephantDrive App on the right side.

Click on the ElephantDrive icon. Once you click on the ElephantDrive icon, an Install button will appear. Click on the Install button.

5. The installation will begin and may take a few moments to complete. Once the ElephantDrive App is installed, the installation complete message will appear.

Next, setup the backups and choose which folders to backup to ElephantDrive. For more details on setting up backups click here.


For additional resources and information, please see CrashPlan’s website.

Additional information for backing up and accessing files on ElephantDrive can be found on their Help Center. For answers to additional questions, please contact ElephantDrive at “


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