Software Engineer – Drobo Firmware


Software Engineer on a small exceptional team producing the Drobo family of storage arrays. These arrays implement intelligent storage virtualization algorithms, thin provisioning, and data aware tiering. The position requires contributions to the development and design of the Drobo storage virtualization stack, direct attached interfaces such as iSCSI, USB and Thunderbolt, and the Linux-based NAS front-end. The candidate for this role is expected to contribute to the core platform, and be able to work on a wide range of technologies, including the virtualization stack, board bring up and kernel level drivers on VxWorks, and the NAS stack on Linux.

Desired Skills and Experience

Drobo desires engineers with drive, tenacity, passion and an ability to be adaptable in a fast paced environment. Good team work is expected. Required Experience:
  • C/C++ programming
  • Strong firmware level debugging skills
  • Excellent problem-solving and written/verbal communication skills
  • Ability to adapt and learn new technologies
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS or similar

Bonus points

  • Board bring up and driver experience
  • Recent experience with VxWorks
  • Experience with embedded Linux 3.x system internals, especially cross-compilation environments
  • Experience with direct attached protocols such as USB
  • Experience with ATA/SCSI storage protocols, SSDs
  • Good understanding of RAID concepts
  • Good understanding of networking concepts and basic understanding of TCP/IP layering
  • Experience with ARM, MIPS, or other embedded architectures
  • NAS experience, such as CIFS/SMB and AFP
  • Experience with DMA engines, memory management & cache
If you are interested, please send an email to with your resume and qualifications.

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