Creating Drobo 5N2

The Next Era of Simplified Storage for Your Connected Home or Small Office


We are excited to announce our new 5-bay home and small business NAS, Drobo 5N2. Built with performance and new interfaces, Drobo 5N2 replaces our popular Drobo 5N solution.

With 5N2, we’ve been able to introduce a host of new features, while continuing to provide our unprecedented ease of use.

As with all Drobo solutions, 5N2 requires almost no setup and management. 5N2 uses our BeyondRAID technology to automatically heal and repair itself during a hard drive failure and provides an accelerated rebuild time with an upgraded processor and performance.

Performance Boost

Drobo 5N2 is built with dual, Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to provide crucial flexibility in your network setup. With a single click in Drobo Dashboard, the two interfaces will be bonded together.

In bonded mode, performance is doubled and resiliency is enhanced. In other words, if one link fails, the other takes over and you can continue to access your Drobo as if nothing happened.

Drobo’s Adaptive Link Bonding works with any Ethernet switch, even your home or office router. Like the 5N before, 5N2 continues to have the Drobo Cache Accelerator bay on its underside. By adding an mSATA SSD into the Accelerator Bay, you can give a boost to your most common operations, for example, loading a Lightroom™ catalogue.


Drobo 5N2 is enhanced by the myDrobo app platform, providing customization and flexibility with your Drobo. myDrobo provides a cloud-like experience, while fulfilling the security concerns all customers have.

Essentially, customers are able to create their own private cloud, while preserving privacy and removing the concern of hacks associated with public-cloud.

All the apps you need to run your connected life and business are available to install with a single click in Drobo Dashboard. You can host your blog directly from 5N2 using WordPress, publish and sell your photos using Koken, sync your files between Drobos and your PC or Mac using Resilio Sync and more.

Drobo 5N2 also comes with myDrobo remote-access support. With myDrobo, you can choose your own name to securely access your Drobo’s services remotely using our Android and iOS apps, or any computer browser.

Using DroboAccess, you can access and share files directly from Drobo, without needing to copy them into a public cloud. Everything accessed through myDrobo, provides state of the art encryption, using AES-256 and TLS 1.2.

DroboPix uploads your mobile device’s camera roll to Drobo, as soon as you walk in the front door. DroboPix will never forget, so you will never lose another photo or video from your phone.

Peace of Mind

For the first time in a 5-bay Drobo, we built-in our revolutionary, Disaster Recovery (DroboDR) technology, which has previously been reserved for our 8-bay business units.

With DroboDR, your Drobo’s configuration, including user accounts, shares and access permissions are backed up along with all your files and data.

Using DroboDR to access your data is easy and virtually instantaneous. Simply remove the backup unit from target mode, and it will come online as an exact replica of the original 5N2; no need to spend days and weeks downloading from the cloud.

Drobo 5N2 comes with our signature, built-in battery. The battery saves the operations in-progress during an abrupt power failure. Drobo technology will save your data into an internal flash device, completing the transfer when the power is restored.

5N2 fits seamlessly into a wide range of workloads. Whether you’re running a photography studio, storing hundreds of videos, hosting your blog or website, or just want additional reliability and simplicity in your home, Drobo 5N2 is the perfect network-attached solution.


By Rod Harrison

Rod is the CTO of Drobo and is responsible for our technical direction. Rod was one of the original engineers at Drobo and has over 25 years of experience in storage and operating systems development gained at Sun, SCO, Wind River and Veritas.