Data Storage Management: How Drobo Keeps Your Data Safer

Data Storage Management
When considering data storage management, the single most important factor is protection. Is your data safe?  The answer may not be an emphatic “yes” unless you are doing several things the right way, and using the right technologies.  No one technology protects you from everything, so answering yes happens when you have the combination of safe storage, reliable backup, offs store protection, and the ability to do all of these regularly and easily.  And affordably too, so you have complete protection.

So, is your data safe from a hard drive failure?  How about unexpected power loss? Corruption, user-error, accidental deletion?  All of these eventually happen, and using a Drobo the right way combined other technologies will keep you safe from them.  You may never have a catastrophe like a fire, flood, or theft, but you need to keep your data safe, whether on personal storage or IT storage. 3-2-1 is possible without a Drobo as well, but Drobo keeps your data safer.

If you want the best data protection available, and it you want it to work automatically, without needing to be an expert in Network Data Storage or Data Storage Management, consider a Drobo. Drobo has developed a number of technologies and solutions that work to keep your data and your business safe – without the need for that PhD in storage.  Some of these Drobo innovations and advancements include:

Sometimes, hard drives fail.  If you haven’t had one fail on you yet, count your blessings and bide your time.  Hard drives are amazing devices, but they are electro-mechanical machines that utilize high-precision physics.  They fail.  You want to make sure that your network data storage system is resilient to hard drive failures, and it this category there is nothing that compares to a Drobo.  Beyond the basic protection you expect from RAID (hence the name), Drobo systems continuously scrub data in the background to fix disk errors before they happen.  If there are too many errors, we proactively purge the drive and rebuilt using the available space on other drives. 

Power Protection
Sometimes, the power goes out. Unexpected power outages are one of the most common causes of data loss. It is usually because you have not saved work, but when it comes to storage systems, they too need to “save” all data in-flight to disk before the lights go out. You should always have your IT storage connected to a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) so brownouts and blackouts don’t affect you – but that’s like saying that you should floss every day.  And, when a UPS runs out of battery, you get a power outage.  Drobo protects your data with battery-backed cache so that in the event of spurious, unexpected, or catastrophic power failures – the Drobo will gracefully shut down so data is fully saved.  This is a feature that you just don’t see in the Drobo price category – but you might find it in enterprise IT storage systems that cost 5 to 25 times as much as a Drobo.

Offsite Backup and Replication
Sometimes, disasters happen at your home or office.  Drobo by itself does not protect against these calamities, but we can help you keep a copy of your data in a different location.   Drobo makes it easy by testing and integrating with the world’s best offsite backup and replication solutions, and providing how-to guides on putting the solutions together.  They include Hypervisor-based replication solutions like VMware vSphere replication and Microsoft Hyper-V Replica, or backup applications like Veeam, Symantec, and Acronis, and even cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage Gateway for your IT storage.  Doing offsite backup and replication is often easier and lower cost than you might think, especially if you have not looked at the new options in a while.

RAID devices can keep your data safe, the way they have for 25+ years.  But little has changed since the invention or RAID in the 80s. Drobo keeps your data safer with a newer, more advanced approach to data protection and data storage management.  And even better, it is usually lower cost to purchase, most often less expensive to expand, and always easier to use, so you spend time on other things.  Let the storage experts figure these things out and automate them for you!  That’s what we do.

Smart storage that grows with you and protects what matters.