Drobo 3rd Gen Gets an Editor’s Choice Worthy Review from the PC Perspective Team

PC PerspectiveEver wondered what’s inside a Drobo device, besides our secret storage sauce that makes backing up your files so easy to do? PC Perspective went above and beyond the typical benchmarks to strip down a Drobo 3rd Gen to its bare components, showcasing the superior engineering and build quality along with device performance and the benefits of BeyondRAID technology.

“Drobo is frequently referred to as ‘the Apple of external storage products’. They got this name because their products go for the simplest possible out-of-the-box experience. Despite their simplicity, the BeyondRAID concept these units employ remains extremely robust and highly resistant to data loss in even the most extreme cases of drive failures and data loss.”

“Installing the Drobo is about as easy as it could be. Plug in the power supply, connect to your system with the included USB 3.0 cable. Install the Drobo Dashboard software, and you’re off to the races.”

Drobo Dashboard

The PC Perspective team also did a great job breaking down the data rebuild process, in case you ever had to install a new hard drive or remove a failed drive and wondered how long the process would take. The review simulated these processes by removing one drive one at a time, finding it only takes few minutes for each rebuild if the array is mostly empty, but can take hours or days for a completely full array to back fully to a redundant state. Just rest assured the Drobo is doing what it should to keep your photos, videos, files, and music safe.

And of course for performance, the team was thrilled with the speed upgrade offered by the USB 3.0 interface. “Very good write speeds, clipping 210 MB/sec. This is ~2x what is possible with the original Gigabit iSCSI DroboPro, and nearly an order of magnitude above what the prior 4-bay Drobos could muster.”


All in all, PC Perspective found the Drobo 3rd Gen to be the Editor’s Choice-worthy redundant storage product to house and protect all your most valuable data, without an exorbitant asking price. “The new third generation 4-Bay Drobo is exactly what the company needed, packing the features and reliability of BeyondRAID into a small and quiet unit. The updated hardware enables USB 3.0 throughputs exceeding 200MB/sec, and an integrated battery backup minimizes the chances of data loss or array corruption during unexpected power failures. Most amazing is how Drobo was able to include exceptional build quality at such a low asking price.”

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