Drobo Befriends the Imaginary Friends Design Studios

Think the 8-bay Drobo B800fs can only be used for server storage solutions? Jon Perry at Imaginary Friends Design Studios in Yuma, Ariz., might disagree. This graphic design/web design/print brokering business connects their Drobo directly to workstations.

b800i-hero-300x210Graphics and media files can take up a lot of space on a drive, and most workstations don’t have built-in protection against drive failure. In most cases, it might be easier to replace the entire workstation than replacing the drive with one that has higher capacity. Drobo can help.

“The Drobo is connected to my network via two gigabit Ethernet connections,” Jon said. “Workstations have their respective share on the Drobo mounted as a network drive.” The B800fs hosts Photoshop files and serves as the primary means of backup.

Imaginary Friends Design Studios used Iomega NAS as a storage solution for three years before switching to Drobo. What made them switch? According to Jon, the decision came down to Drobo offering easy expansion, mix-and-match drives, automatic RAID configuration, and the simplicity and ease of use.

“I’ve enjoyed the mix-and-match data storage as well as the FTP (file transfer protocol) support for remote access,” Jon said. The ability to fill any combination of the eight bays available in the B800fs with any combination of drives comes in handy. There’s no need to worry about matching size or manufacturer. You can install one drive or any number you want up to eight. You can even remove a drive and replace it with a new one without turning anything off.

Imaginary Friends Design Studio proves a Drobo can be just as useful with workstations over a network as it can be with a server. The B800fs can be used in a variety of applications.

If you need graphics work in the Yuma area, contact Jon and the team at Imaginary Friends Design Studio. If you need to accommodate large storage needs for your workstations, visit our website. Also, find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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