Drobo Case Study – Bedford County Sheriff Office

When the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children (SOVA-ICAC) Task Force needed more reliable storage for the massive amount of data they generate, they selected Drobo. In fact, they selected three Drobos. In the process, they simplified storage management and saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars over traditional storage solutions.

Drobo-blue-300x226Sheriff Mike Brown’s office plays host to the task force, headed by Lt. Michael Harmony. The SOVA-ICAC covers most of Virginia outside the metropolitan Washington, DC area, and is part of the nationwide task force aimed at preventing Internet crimes against children. They take both proactive and reactive steps to prevent crimes such as the distribution of child pornography or solicitation of minors online.

Law enforcement creates an incredible amount of paperwork. Whether its case reports or budgeting spreadsheets, like many offices several people need to be able to share and access documents. One way they use Drobo is to provide storage and backup for all those files. Think of it as one massive filing cabinet.

They also use a Drobo offline for what might be considered digital evidence storage. When a computer used in Internet crime is seized, it must first be examined for forensic evidence. Then, the Drobo is used to create and store essentially a clone of the hard drive.

SOVA-ICAC selected Drobo after experiencing multiple hard drive failures with traditional, higher priced solution. They lost a large amount of data, something you don’t want to have happen in law enforcement. They found Drobo was easy to use, saved them a lot of money, and provided the reliability they needed.

If you know of or suspect a crime being committed against a minor online, contact local law enforcement or the ICAC Task Force in your state. If you need reliable, affordable data storage for your critical files, visit the Drobo website.

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