Drobo Case Study – Hepburn Creative, Inc

Hepburn Creative, Inc. is a marketing firm specializing in video production, photography, and graphic design. Their growing business meant storing larger numbers of huge data files like videos and multimedia compositions. They needed to expand their storage capacity while at the same time improving the reliability of their backups. After considering several alternatives on the market, including G-Tech products, they chose Drobo as their storage device supplier, and in the process saved over $2000 versus traditional storage alternatives.

3-drobos-300x200Drobo was the clear choice for Hepburn Creative because of the distinct advantages it offers over competitors. For one, they like the fact that Drobo devices can be expanded in capacity instantly by installing a new drive in an empty bay, or replacing a smaller capacity drive with a larger one, all without downtime. They also like the ability to mix and match drive speeds and sizes to suit their needs as overall storage capacity and price dictate. They like the automatic RAID configuration offered in each Drobo, as well as the overall simplicity of its design and its ease of use.

The organization purchased several Drobo devices, including a B800i iSCSI storage array, a 5D, and a Drobo Mini. The B800i functions as a physical server and workstation backup, and the 5D and Mini are used for direct storage from individual workstations. The 8-bay, B800i is connected to the system through the existing TCP/IP system within the infrastructure, using standard iSCSI protocol. The 5D, a five-bay unit, and the Drobo Mini, a four-bay unit, are tied directly to the workstations using Thunderbolt connectivity. The B800i and 5D contain 3.5-inch HDD SATA drives, while the Mini uses 2.5-inch SSDs, increasing the efficiency of file storage and retrieval. In addition, the Mini is small and compact enough to be portable, so it can be taken on-location to capture and store video footage and images directly to the unit.

David Hepburn, Creative Director at Hepburn Creative, Inc., is very pleased with the performance of their Drobo units. “[Drobo] makes backups simple and easy, versus having it be a chore, only doing it rarely, and losing data as a result of laziness,” he said.

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