Drobo Case Study – Mount Hermon Camp

When the staff at Mount Hermon Camp needed to upgrade their file server capabilities, they chose Drobo to do the job. They needed a solution that could not only store their expanding video and multimedia catalog of data, but also handle the regular hard drive backup duties for their workstations. They considered installing a Mac Pro server running RAID software, but instead chose the Drobo B800i 8-bay iSCSI unit with its BeyondRAID™ technology.

drobo-800-startThe Drobo B800i storage solution chosen by Mount Hermon Camp is an 8-bay, iSCSI SAN storage device designed to provide reliable storage to servers running applications like data protection, file services, and server virtualization. The unit integrates seamlessly with existing TCP/IP network infrastructure, utilizing industry-standard iSCSI protocol for simple, consolidated storage. Using today’s standard 4TB hard drives, the Drobo B800i is capable of storing up to 28TB of data. Individual drive capacities can be mixed and matched as needed to provide the needed storage space. If a drive fails, it can be swapped out on the run while the unit stays online.

Mount Hermon Camp uses a host of different Adobe creative products to develop their marketing and promotional materials for their conference centers, which requires that they be able to store and retrieve huge data files rapidly. In addition, they also download videos and images from digital devices; such materials must be archived until needed. Drobo affords them the opportunity to both store and retrieve data efficiently, with the added assurance that their data is safely backed up.

Mount Hermon Camp personnel chose Drobo because it provides them with the ability to expand their storage capacity on the go, allows them to mix and match hard drives based on manufacturer, cost, or capacity, and is built to industrial standards. They are incredibly satisfied with the performance of their Drobo unit, and, according to their evaluation, Drobo saved them over $1000 compared to other storage alternatives.

Josh Bootz, a marketing professional at Mount Hermon Camp, summed up the performance of their Drobo in this way: “Drobo has great reliability and recoverability. We’ve never had data loss, even though many drives have died.”

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