Drobo Case Study: Seth Resnick Photography

If your life’s work is stored digitally on a server, you need a backup system you know won’t fail. Seth Resnick, owner of Seth Resnick Photography, found that Drobo meets the challenge. Not only does his system of dual Drobos ensure access to his database of over 100,000 images, it does it cheaper and better than other systems.

Seth, a professional still photographer for more than 35 years, keeps his collection of images on a server running Lightroom Database as well as a customized FileMaker database. He needs quick and guaranteed access to those images, which he licenses through some of the most prominent names in the business.

Before adopting Drobo, Seth used tape to back up the four internal 4TB drives in his server. Now he backs up everything digitally to an 8-bay Drobo. In addition to the protection against multi-drive failures, Seth wanted even more protection. So he backs his first Drobo up to a second Drobo.

Needless to say, Drobo’s mix-and-match drive compatibility was a selling point. He also liked the simplicity of use and instant expansion Drobos offer. But Drobo wasn’t his first solution, and it almost wasn’t his last.

“I tried NETGEAR [ReadyNAS Pro] and was very unhappy with both speed and reliability,” Seth said. “I came very close to buying an Apple Xserve—which would have cost more than $15,000—and decided to try a Drobo while it was still in early Beta. I was thrilled, and I haven’t looked back since. My Drobos have been 100% reliable and serve as the core of my multi level backup.”

If you’re using tape to back up critical information, Seth can tell you that Drobo provides an easier, more reliable, and highly affordable alternative.

Smart storage that grows with you and protects what matters.