Drobo Comes Through for vIT4u Ltd UK

As a small, but nicely growing Managed Services Provider (MSP) in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, vIT4u Ltd needs efficient and reliable hardware to provide value-added services to their clients. Drobo delivers to meet their needs.

Owner Simon Lewis tells us, “We are running a Dell PowerEdge Server and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition. The primary application is Kaseya, which we use for managing our client systems. We use the Drobo to accommodate the images of off-site backups.”

shutterstock_56566036-300x200The Kaseya software enables Simon and his employees to address the IT issues of their small and medium-size business clients remotely. This includes online backups that are stored on their 8-bay iSCSI Drobo. “It’s an excellent MSP platform,” Simon said. “It worked seamlessly with Drobo.”

In addition to the ease of use with their primary application, Simon and his team make good use of the Drobo thin provisioning capability. “We are presently running four separate volumes on our Drobo of multiple Terabytes each, yet we started off with only two 500GB drives populating the 8 bays. We are definitely using that [thin provisioning] technology.”

With revenue expected to increase by around 50 percent this year—remember, the business is growing nicely—the instant expansion and mix-and-match drive features of Drobo will also prove beneficial. “We spend time taking advantage of Drobo’s technology for ourselves and for our customers’ storage issues,” Simon said.

The small team at vIT4u didn’t just settle on Drobo after a little searching; they have tried other solutions. Simon says they previously used a Thecus NAS, and tried Netgear and iOmega 2-bay NAS devices as well. “Drobo wins hands down. Simplicity saves time.”

If you own a small or medium-size business in West Yorkshire and need a managed services provider, contact Simon Lewis and his people at vIT4u. He’s a self-proclaimed geek through and through who’s rarely disconnected.

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