Backup, Protect and Seamlessly Recover Your Drobo With the Drobo DataProtect Program Powered By Retrospect

What is the Drobo DataProtect Program?

Data recovery in event of hardware failure, theft, accidental file deletion, and natural disasters is time consuming, costly and not guaranteed. The Drobo DataProtect Program Powered by Retrospect gives you peace of mind, knowing your data is protected and can be easily recovered when needed from the protected copy.

The Drobo DataProtect Program helps you follow the 3-2-1 Backup Rule: 3 copies of your data, 2 on different storage media, and 1 offsite.

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Your Drobo protects your data on-site against one or two hard drive failures, and the offsite location provides the strongest data protection. The Drobo DataProtect Program provides additional protection that mitigates against many forms of data loss.

Sign up today for a free 90-day subscription followed by a nominal $3.99 per month to protect against accidental file deletion, hardware failures, theft, and natural disasters.

Drobo DataProtect FAQs

How it Works

Learn how to protect your Drobo with Retrospect and backup to your cloud account. Retrospect does not provide cloud storage, learn more about our supported cloud provider options.