Drobo Gaining Popularity in Video and Filmmaking Industry

Drobo’s innovative line of data storage devices is finding favor in a huge way with multimedia production studios, video producers and moviemakers alike as they discover the fast, reliable, intuitive, and scalable storage capabilities available with these systems. Over 10,000 registered users of Drobo storage products say they’re involved with the video and film production professions in some capacity, making them the one of the fastest-growing segments of users reaping the many benefits offered by Drobo storage devices. The range of storage solutions used by these professionals runs the gamut, from the Drobo Mini to the 1200i iSCSI.

The professional media and entertainment industry is experiencing a technology wave led by HD video, higher-quality codecs, increased graphics usage, larger digital images, and tapeless acquisition. The result has been an accelerated demand for advanced storage capabilities and astronomical capacities, and Drobo has responded with innovative solutions that include faster, modern connectivity options such as USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, internal battery backup, and the ability to accommodate SSD flash storage media in addition to traditional HDD devices. These professionals understand the devastating effects data loss would have on their individual businesses, and are leveraging Drobo’s BeyondRAID technology to circumvent drive failures that otherwise would have been catastrophic.

Catherine Miller of HNH Multimedia Productions, LLC – developers of interactive storytelling through CD-ROMs, films, commercials, and websites – say her company has been using Drobo products for over three years in their full-service multimedia production studios. She particularly likes the fact that Drobo products are easy to set up and use. She says she has neither the time nor the desire to become a storage and technology expert, and likes the fact that Drobo products take care of that concern for her, providing peace-of-mind and reliability along the way.

RHED Pixel is a video production company that specializes in high definition video production for public service announcements, documentaries, educational pieces, and other broadcast video. CEO Rich Harrington says his company has been using Drobo since its products have evolved to meet the needs of the film and video industry. Drobo units are deployed as the primary backup, storage, and archive devices for RHED Pixel, handling terabytes of irreplaceable data daily for editing and graphics systems. Harrington says that every computer in the house, including those that are used the field, is connected to a Drobo. They find that the Drobo Mini is particularly valuable as a portable device for field data collection, reliably capturing and holding the data until it is brought back to the studio to be transferred to larger Drobo storage units.

Drobo has been listening and responding to the needs of video and filmmaking professionals, and the result has been widespread adoption of its products within the industry. The modern, high-speed connections, ease of use, scalability, and reliability of Drobo storage solutions has made them a hit with the industry, as proved by the rapid adoption within the profession.

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