Drobo Gets Recommended by Lead IT Consulting

What better recommendation could Drobo have than one from a company that earns its bread and butter from making recommendations? Lead IT Consulting in Portland, Oregon, answers questions and gives recommendations to their clients on how to improve IT performance. They also help clients manage, monitor, and install new systems.

b1200i-300x199What they don’t do is sell equipment. So, Lead IT has nothing to gain except the goodwill of their customers by recommending Drobo. And according to Chief Technology Officer Bryan Soemo, it would be hard to recommend anything else. “It would be hard to recommend solutions which work now, but might not work later or need third-party equipment for expansion. Drobo is an easy recommendation because of its price and functionality,” Bryan said.

Lead IT often runs into clients who have clusters of aging servers. In this situation, they recommend replacing clusters of 6 or 7 servers with two high-powered machines sharing a 12-bay iSCSI Drobo B1200i. Using hypervisor, even if one server fails, the second machine can take over spinning up new virtual servers using data from shared memory on the Drobo.

Bryan says they have used this configuration for file servers, database servers, email servers, SQL servers, and just about any other type of server you can name without any compatibility problems. When it comes to setup, Bryan said he’s “surprised with how little configuring we need to do.”

He should know. Lead IT Consulting has tried Dell and HP solutions in the past, but Drobo provided more capability. Bryan explained: “With hypervisor, spindle speed is the bottleneck. Virtual machines run faster with the data tiering available on the Drobo. With other solutions, faster SSD (solid state drives) only run the programs they are configured to run. Drobo manages the data automatically to improve performance.” Bryan said they always recommend clients install a couple of SSDs into the bays of their Drobos.

It sounds like the businesses in Portland are in good hands with the folks at Lead IT Consulting. If you’re not fortunate enough to live in the Portland area, you can still get recommendations on how best to use a Drobo for your storage management needs by visiting our website. Also, find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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