Drobo | Music Choice Entrusts Its Backup Audio and Video Files to Drobo

DROBO-infographic (1)

For those who want a real-world example of how a major company is using Drobo products in their business, we’d like to introduce you to Music Choice. For the past 18 months, Music Choice has been using the Drobo B1200i as second copy backup for more than 200 TB of audio and video data. Drobo now helps them keep high availability and data production while meeting the growing needs of their business.

Music Choice is an integrated music company that specializes in digital music services for consumers. In fact, it’s one of the largest. They provide music and music video channels, including hot genres such as Hit List, Hip Hop and R&B, Rock, and Today’s Country to cable and similar service providers. Their clients include a wide range of cable and other providers in the United States. With clients that demanding, uptime and easy expansion without downtime are essential.

Music Choice needed to replace its existing tape and hard drive backup with something more responsive, less complex, and more cost-effective. Their choice was the 12-bay Drobo B1200i loaded with 12 4-terabyte drives apiece in a high-density arrangement. From a business standpoint, the Drobos made the most sense. The Drobos took approximately 30 minutes to get up and running without the aid of a senior network administrator. Once set up, the entire Drobo array is managed by a single interface with minimal support from Music Choice’s IT staff. This results in a low cost-per-terabyte to deploy and support while making the data far more accessible.

The B1200i used by Music Choice is a 12-bay iSCSI SAN storage array built for the SMT IT environment with proven BeyondRAID technology fully integrated. The B1200i also features SSD-accelerated storage and Automated Data-Aware tiering. All this technology results in a storage array with automation and sophistication well above its price point and into the realm of more expensive enterprise solutions. The B1200i “proved strong streaming performance of nearly 300mb/s” according to an independent test by ESG Labs. In addition to second copy backup, the B1200i can also be used for primary storage and virtualization.

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