Drobo – Reaches 1 Exabyte Milestone

Drobo’s customers are entrusting our products with a lot of data.  So much data that purchased and deployed Drobo systems have reached the milestone of 1 exabyte of storage.  To understand how much an exabyte truly is, let’s put things in perspective.  That’s 1 million 1TB hard drives.  If backed up to 5.25” DVDs, you’d need 245 million of them which if stacked to the same 5 ½ mile height as Mount Everest would require 32 stacks measuring 14ft across.  If we didn’t create storage as easy and efficient as Drobo, this exabyte of individual creativity and business productivity would have been constrained.

We believe in Parkinson’s law.  Often confused for a neurological condition, the corollary relating to computers from the original conclusion by British scholar Parkinson states “The demand upon a resource tends to expand to match the supply of the resource”.  Fortunately we created Drobo, and since our launch in the middle of 2007, more than a quarter of a million systems have been used by our Enterprise, small business, and individual customers to create and grow beyond what would have been practical or possible for those users.  Data expands to fill the space available for storage.  That averages out to 4TB per Drobo for those keeping score.

Ever since our first Drobo was released in June of 2007, we’ve been on a quest to reshape how storage works.  Drobo’s founders believed that storage should not be only should not only offer the best reliability and performance, but no hassle and easy to use.  Today we have a diverse lineup of six Drobo models.  They run the gamut from the portable Drobo Mini for professionals on the go to the desktop 5D and networkable 5N to the business-class B800fs, B800i, and B1200i.  The later have iSCSI support for block-based storage supporting virtualization.  These solutions meet every price point from an empty Drobo 5N at just under $600 to a fully loaded B1200i with SSDs costing just shy of $18,000.

The hardworking employees of Drobo design, build, and support what we think are the best storage systems for anyone that prefers to spend time creating and innovating vs. managing storage. We thank our customers for their support in reaching this milestone, and for their feedback, which keeps us challenged to take ease of use and affordability to new levels. Without each and every one of you, there would be no Drobo and this milestone couldn’t have happened.

For those not relying on Drobo for your storage needs, let this milestone be an invitation to discover what so many others are experiencing. We’d very much like to have your business on board as we strive to reach 2 exabytes and beyond.

Smart storage that grows with you and protects what matters.