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Designed from the ground up, Drobo is committed to making sure our customers spend less time thinking about storage and more time using it. Whether you’re a creative professional, a home media enthusiast, or managing a business – Drobo solutions allow you to easily integrate with other applications to protect, access and manage all of your data.

If you need to backup your critical business assets, protect your virtualization infrastructure, or create a disaster recovery plan… Drobo has you covered.

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DroboApps – Giving You the PowerRead More

DroboApps – Extend the Power of your Drobo

DroboApps – Giving You the Power

The myDrobo platform provides end-to-end secure access to services on your Drobo from the public internet, through a user chosen mydrobo.com address. It enables services such as DroboAccess, Koken and WordPress to be accessed remotely in a secure fashion. DroboPix allows secure and automatic uploads of mobile photos and videos. DroboApps are a set of applications that extend the capabilities of the Drobo 5N2 and Drobo B810n. Drobo has partnered with strategic application vendors and solution providers offering functionality that greatly enhances your Drobo experience. Learn More

Backup – Protect Your Valuable Data, Onsite and OffsiteRead More

Backup – Protect Your Valuable Data, Onsite and Offsite

Backing up data is challenging especially for an SMB that needs faster backups, faster recoveries facing shrinking backup windows. Leverage the simplicity and power of a Drobo to meet and exceed your data protection requirements. With Drobo you have the ability to easily protect all of your local data using the backup software you’re already using today. Backup Solutions:

Replication – Offsite Data Protection to Keep Your Business Running Read More

Replication – Offsite Data Protection to Keep Your Business Running

Replication – Offsite data protection to keep your business running

The costs of a disaster, even a minor one, are real. Protecting your valuable data can be the difference between keeping your business operating smoothly and losing hours, days, or even weeks of productivity. Deploying a replication strategy with Drobo to securely copy your data offsite is one way to ensure that, in the event of a disaster, you’ll always have access to your data ensuring business continuity. Drobo Sync Replication Disaster Recovery with Double-Take Availability VMware SRM & Disaster Recovery

Virtualization – It’s Everywhere Read More

Virtualization – It’s Everywhere

Virtualization has become a critical part of IT infrastructure. With the complexities that can be introduced when deploying a virtual environment, it’s important that all components work together flawlessly. Drobo products seamlessly integrate with your virtualization architectures to provide storage for your business critical applications and your development/test environments. VMware vSphere for HA and fault tolerance Microsoft Hyper-V provides VM HA for SMBs
Virtualization – Critical business infrastructure

Media – Photos, Videos, Music & More!Read More

Media – Capacity Hungry Photo, Video and Music Files

Media – Photos, Videos, Music & More!

Everyone has a digital media collection that’s grown beyond what they can store and (more importantly) protect. Whether you are creating or editing photos or videos as your profession or looking to stream music and videos in your home – a Drobo is the perfect device to help ensure your valuable media files are safe and available. Learn More

Cloud – How do You Protect it?Read More

Cloud – How do You Protect it?

Cloud technology has become a key architectural cornerstone for many organizations. As more and more data moves to the cloud, it’s important to have the flexibility to integrate the storage you own with your virtual infrastructure in the cloud. Drobo’s iSCSI devices allow for simple integration to both Amazon AWS and VMware vCloud infrastructures, providing the ultimate protection for your hybrid cloud environment. Offsite cloud backup with Elephant Drive Amazon AWS Storage Gateway, an Easy On-Ramp to the Cloud VMware vCloud for Public and Private Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud – Integrate with Cloud Services