Best VM Backup Also the Most Economical

The #1 rated solution for VM backup with Drobo for disk-based backup storage and Veeam Backup & Replication Traditional backup solutions cannot provide the same benefits in a virtualized environment as they did in a physical environment The problems-as IT managers have discovered-range from lack of deduplication capabilities to limits on what can be restored from a backup image. It’s clear that a new approach is needed to achieve a cost-effective backup solution for virtual machines (VMs)with a quick and easy restore. As the #1 solution for VM backup, Veeam combined with disk-based backup storage offers the capabilities IT managers want and need. VM recovery restores an entire machine from backup in minutes. Veeam has replication services, deduplication, and compression built in. Drobo® provides superior data protection with BeyondRAID™ technology. Combining Drobo for disk backup in a solution that costs less to deploy, grow, and manage over time makes perfect sense.