Integrated Protection for Everything SMB IT

Optimizing your SMB backup and DR strategy using Drobo for Business storage with Symantec Backup Exec 2012 and V-Ray technology

Backing up data is challenging, especially for SMB, who want faster backups, smaller backup windows, and faster recovery. Deduplication eliminates redundant data and makes backup to disk as cost effective as backing up to tape. With recent developments and innovations, deduplication options are now integrated into backup software, making it more affordable.

Combining media server deduplication with client deduplication on selected systems results in a cost-effective solution for small businesses, and investments in tape can continue to be leveraged for offsite backup and archiving. Combining Drobo for disk backup and deduplication as a component in backup media server software provides a solution that is less than half the cost of any entry-level deduplication solution. And the incredible ease-of-use is a big plus!