Two-in-One Protection for Your Business Data

Heterogeneous data protection for physical & virtual machines in smaller IT environments using Drobo B800fs and Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11 Virtual Edition

Trends such as virtualization and cloud have become the reality in many SMB IT environments, transforming IT architecture. However, some parts of SMB IT still remain better served with physical servers and on-premises storage, creating a heterogeneous environment. For these SMBs, the best data protection strategy is one that works across physical, virtual, and cloud components.

Requirements for heterogeneous backup solutions include robust recovery that is simple and repeatable, the ability to choose among application agents vs. agent-less, and the ability to migrate physical resources to virtual. Acronis is a leading provider of easy-to-use DR and data protection solutions in heterogeneous environments—solutions that are cost effective today and in future. Acronis has the scale and capabilities for medium to enterprise deployments, but also offers a strong solution fit for SMBs when deployed with Drobo storage.