Secure online backup for terabytes of Drobo data

The Drobo 5N provides simple and affordable network attached storage for the connected home or small office. ElephantDrive is a cloud-based service that provides real-time protection of all, or a subset of data stored on the Drobo.

ElephantDrive running natively on the 5N via a DroboApp provides continuous cloud backups of critical data without the requirement of a host computer or server. Once enabled, ElephantDrive provides:

  • Expansive Storage – Store terabytes of documents and rich media in the cloud
  • Continuous Backup – Files added or modified on the Drobo are automatically synchronized for cloud protection
  • File Versioning – Access previous versions of files stored in the cloud
  • Security – 256-bit AES encryption ensures data is secure at all times
  • Web Access – Easily access files or manage your account from any web browser
  • Mobile Access – Access all data stored in the cloud from any iOS or Android device
  • Content Sharing – Easily share files stored in the cloud with others
Elephant Drive