Are You Protecting Everything You Should?

Disaster Recovery (DR) for physical and/or virtual servers using Drobo and Double-Take Availability from Vision Solutions

Odds are that you may not be protecting all of your business-critical data from a disaster. You know that your data needs to be protected-and that backup is an important component of a DR strategy. But the truth is that backup by itself does not guarantee that you’ll be able to recover data quickly and easily. And business users have come to expect nearly instant recovery for ALL data, even for non-mission-critical applications.

Why is replication so important? Replication minimizes the size of data copies between primary and secondary sites and reduces the impact of latency to maintain performance over a WAN. Implementing Drobo iSCSI SAN storage with Vision Solutions Double-Take Availability running on virtualized servers is an affordable solution that provides superior data protection with BeyondRAID™ technology. And the incredible ease-of-use is a huge plus for deploying and growing Drobo storage.