Expanding SMB Virtualization to Include DR

Replication in smaller IT environments using Drobo iSCSI SAN and VMware vCenter SRM with vSphere Replication

Protecting data is important, but the cost and complexity often prevent small companies and departments from deploying DR, because even the lowest-cost iSCSI storage and entry licensing storage replication are expensive by most measures. Backup alone cannot provide for rapid failover or recovery from a disaster, but DR for VMs can now be done affordably across Drobo storage or from other storage to Drobo using vSphere replication and SRM.

Drobo provides superior data protection with BeyondRAID technology in a package that is very affordable. Without the cost burden of built-in features, customers have the freedom to combine best-of-breed technologies tailored to their requirements. Combining Drobo as dissimilar storage in a vSphere replication solution means lower procurement cost and even lower cost to grow and manage over time.