Is Your Plan for Offsite Backup Working?

Affordable offsite protection for unstructured data with rapid recovery is easy with Drobo B800fs and Drobo Sync

There are dozens of file storage products for SMBs. Some of them are small systems sold in retail stores that lack the reliability and features required for business. Other larger ones provide expandability but often have many features that will never be used. What they have in common is that they are all complex to configure and manage. Drobo® model B800fs with Drobo Sync gives you offsite backup with start to sync in 5 clicks!

Drobo Sync is the data offsite backup/replication tool integrated into the Drobo B800fs via Drobo Dashboard designed to provide simple, fast, and reliable data replication for your small business. Simple to set up, simple to use, and reliable, Drobo Sync seamlessly replicates your data to another Drobo B800fs on your network or VPN ensuring data availability in case of disaster.