VM HA Can Be Easy & Affordable for SMBs

Using affordable yet sophisticated Drobo shared storage to maximize high availability for Microsoft® Hyper-V

Businesses of all sizes receive great benefits from virtualizing their servers, and many small businesses have already deployed server virtualization. Depending on the hypervisor, there can still be significant costs when it comes to high availability features such as failover and live migration. And when SMBs want to implement a SAN for the first time, they find that networking and storage costs are greater than their savings from lower server costs.

A shared SAN allows all servers to see the same storage, enabling movement of VMs and applications across redundant server infrastructure – opening up tremendous flexibility; applications can be moved without impacting user access or uptime. Since Hyper-V is part of Windows Server 2008 R2, SMBs can continue to leverage their individual skills with a minimal learning curve. Drobo storage integrates just as easily, with no learning curve required to manage SAN storage.