The Drobo Difference

Drobo is different because regardless of which Drobo you use, we make sure that it can be setup easily in minutes, can expand without tools by installing larger drives at any time and that your data is always protected. Drobos are self-healing, self-managing and even self-optimizing. Drobo will even let you know when you’re running low on capacity and need to install bigger drives. You insert the drives, but Drobo will take care of the rest!

So, whether you are looking for a direct attached solution for your personal use or a network solution to share with others… Drobo has you covered!

  • "I went from 2nd gen to 5D and even added a disk. It was super-painless!"

    @ssoriche - via Twitter
  • "One of my 1.5T hard drives just died. No big deal. Thanks @Drobo!"

    @ckdake - via Twitter
  • "We love our @Drobo 5N! It’s been the perfect #NAS solution for our small #animation studio."

    @HoneydewStudios - via Twitter - via Twitter
  • "Have I mentioned lately how much I love my @Drobo? #icansleepatnight"

    @jaimyellis - via Twitter
  • "A @drobo a day will keep the computer doctor away! Don’t forget to backup guys!"

    @c_yow - via Twitter

How it Works Read More

How it Works

How it Works

Every Drobo is packed with features that were designed from the very beginning with the customer in mind. With unprecedented flexibility, data protection and expandability, your new Drobo will take your storage experience to the next level. Behind every beautifully designed and easy to use Drobo is some amazing technology that keeps your data safe. Everything from plugging in your new Drobo for the first time, to upgrading your capacity over time has been considered. We’ve left no stone unturned to ensure we deliver the best and easiest to use storage solution on the market. Check out what makes your Drobo special! Learn More

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At the core of every Drobo is the revolutionary BeyondRAID technology. Build on the foundation of traditional RAID, BeyondRAID provides all the data protection of traditional RAID, without any of the complexities or limitations. Delivering a simple, automated approach – all Drobos protect you from one or two simultaneous drive failures and can expand capacity on the fly by adding new drives, or replacing smaller drives with larger ones. All this, with zero downtime. Not only that, Drobo provides the ultimate investment protection by allowing you to upgrade to new platforms as they become available. Learn More

Hybrid Storage Solutions Read More

Hybrid Storage Solutions

Hybrid Storage Solutions

Hybrid storage solutions are designed to provide the speed of SSDs with the efficiency and cost advantage of high capacity hard disks. Drobo’s architecture leverages the best of what SSD and hard disk drives have to offer. Drobo’s completely automated approach to hybrid storage provides all the performance and capacity you need without the complexity found in other solutions. Learn More