#DroboExplore Photo Contest Winner

The #DroboExplore Photo Contest attracted professional and aspiring photographers from all over the world to share their best adventure and travel images. 5-time Olympic Photographer, Jeff Cable judged the contest and determined the prize winner.

Winning Image by Dan Carr in the #DroboExplore Photo Contest

The winner of the #DroboExplore Photo Contest is Dan Carr, a professional photographer from Whistler in British Columbia. Dan’s prize gear includes a GoPro® HERO5, Drobo 5 Bay (choosing from the Drobo 5D3, 5C, or 5N2), Lowepro PhotoStream bag, and two Seagate 4TB IronWolf Pro HDDs.

Jeff Cable reveals three reasons why he chose Carr’s image as the winner.

“There are three things that make this a really nice shot,” Jeff Cable said. “First of all, the dramatic sky really pops in the background. Secondly the action of both bike riders. The third and critical element is the lighting of the bike riders to make sure they are not silhouetted. Nice job Dan!”

Carr’s photo is a self-portrait of one of his favorite activities, mountain biking. To get the shot, Carr employed his equipment skills, all while focusing on riding his bike down a steep grade.

Carr recounts how it all came together, “I went up to the top of one of the local mountains in Whistler with a friend of mine and I set up a camera on a tripod, as well as some flashes nearby. I had previously soldered a trigger switch into some wires and mounted it on the handlebar of my bike, and this was wired into a radio transmitter to take the picture when I clicked the button.”

Great job, Dan Carr!

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