Drobo’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Searching for that perfect gift for a digital creator, tech enthusiast or even a present for yourself? These gifts from Drobo, Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba take data protection and storage to a new level. Scroll below to discover the most innovative storage solutions of 2018.

Digital Creator

Recommendation: Drobo 5C

Drobo 5C is a combination of data security, simplicity and expansion. Using the world’s first USB Type, C storage solution you can expand up to 64TB worth of footage, quickly access files and protect your data against hard drive failures. Imagine if the Drobo was populated with a full 14TB disk pack, that’s about 2.9 million photos!

Tech Enthusiast

Recommendation: Drobo 5N2

Drobo 5N2 is the latest and greatest for any smart home. The network attached Drobo 5N2 not only protects data and is accessible from all devices in the network, but it also includes smart DroboApps. The included DroboApps simply copies your mobile device’s photos and videos directly to Drobo, as well as delivers remote data access and upload features.

Creative Professional

Recommendation: Drobo 8D or Drobo 5D3

Having a reliable storage solution in this data-intensive industry is crucial to succeeding. The Drobo 8D and Drobo 5D3 are able to keep up with a high-demanding workflow with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology. The Drobo 5D3 supports a 4K/5K workflow, expands to 64TB and includes a SSD Accelerator Bay to enhance cache speeds. The NEW Drobo 8D expands to 128TB, includes a SSD Accelerator Bay and Data-Aware Tiering, and also has customization with Intelligent Volume Management.


Recommendation: Drobo 5N2

Travel with peace of mind. The network attached Drobo 5N2 provides easy access to your data from anywhere in the world, on any device. You can even upload and securely share data through a link with password protection.

Small and Midsized Business

Recommendation: Drobo B810n or Drobo 5N2

In this industry, time is money. The network attached 8-bay Drobo B810n and 5-bay Drobo 5N2 makes storing, securing and protecting data simple. They support file sharing for up to 250 user accounts. In addition, both of these solutions include optional Drobo Disaster Recovery, which provides further protection by copying your data to a remote Drobo 5N2 or Drobo B810n.

Stocking Stuffers

Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

We recommend starting out with at least two drives in the Drobo. You can start small and expand as you grow. For Direct Attached Drobos (Drobo 5C, 5D3 and 8D) we recommend the desktop and 7200RPM drive, Seagate BarraCuda Pro to optimize performance. For Network Attached Drobos (Drobo 5N2 and B810n) we recommend the Seagate IronWolf Pro, which are built to continuously run.

Solid State Drives (SSD) and mSATA Cards

Insert a mSATA SSD card into the Accelerator Bay on Drobo 5D3 and Drobo 5N2 to increase the data access speed up to 30% faster. The Drobo 8D supports SSD Data-Aware Tiering and a SSD Accelerator Bay for blazing-fast performance.



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