Drobo’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday madness has arrived, including the frantic storm of searching for the perfect gift. Drobo solutions make it easy, by providing a simple, safe and smart way to backup and store your data. Dive into our complete guide for choosing the right Drobo and Seagate drives to plug into any workflow.

Digital Creator

Recommendation: Drobo 5C or Drobo 5D with Seagate IronWolf HDDs

With data growing at an exponential rate, the limited storage room on computers and phones has resulted in a nightmare for social media and photography gurus. An affordable solution for simple data expansion and protection is the Drobo 5C. Enabling USB Type C connection, it plugs directly into your computer, allowing up to 64TB of expansion using internal hard drives.

If they are editing digital content or need performance in their workflow, we recommend the Thunderbolt™ 2, Drobo 5D. Pair these Drobos with the Seagate IronWolf drives for additional performance and reliability.

Creative Professional

Recommendation: Drobo 5D3 Special Editions with Seagate BarraCuda Pro HDDs

If you’re looking for a photographer, video creator, musician or designer, search no further than the Drobo 5D3. The Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB Type C storage solution, is perfect for storing and backing up footage. Drobo 5D3 supports a 5K display and is fast enough to edit directly through the solution.

For additional protection, enhance the Drobo with the Gold or Platinum Editions. The Special Editions provide peace of mind and faster speeds. Lastly, fill your Drobo with Seagate BarraCuda Pro drives for a boost of performance.


Recommendation: Drobo 5N2 with Seagate IronWolf Pro HDDs

Are you looking for someone who enjoys playing around with the latest technology? Our cutting-edge Drobo 5N2 network attached storage (NAS) is the perfect gift for the house. In addition to storing and backing up files, the free DroboPix app provides a seamless feature to upload a phone’s pictures and videos directly to a Drobo over Wi-Fi. Furthermore, using end-to-end encryption, the free DroboAccess app provides remote access, upload and share features through your phone or web browser.

Upgrade to the Drobo 5N2 Gold or Platinum Editions for additional peace of mind with your data. Furthermore, pair your Drobo 5N2 with the Seagate IronWolf Pro drives, which are enhanced with 24×7 performance.


Recommendation: Drobo 5N2 with Seagate IronWolf Pro HDDs

Are they always on the move? Simply leave the Drobo 5N2 connected to the router via Ethernet, and then you can access, upload and share data remotely using our free DroboAccess App. The app uses an end-to-end encrypted path through a network, meaning the files remain secure and protected. The app even allows for password protection and set expiration dates.

Fill the Drobo 5N2 with Seagate IronWolf Pro drives to conserve energy and enhance workflow.

Business Owner

Recommendation: Drobo 5N2 or B810n with Seagate IronWolf Pro HDDs

What better gift than peace of mind? Drobo 5N2 and B810n are the ultimate business tools with backup, expandability and remote sharing features. Both Drobos connect directly to the network, and allow sharing for up to 250 users. They also include built-in Disaster Recovery technology, allowing the data to be synced to an offsite network Drobo.

Pair a network Drobo with Seagate IronWolf Pro drives for longevity. These NAS drives are built to run continuously and include a 2-year Data Recovery Service and 5-year Limited Warranty.


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