Guest Blog: 7 Reasons Why Successful Bloggers Use Backup

7 Reasons Why Successful Bloggers Use Backup

By Kate Simpson What would happen if your computer crashed and you didn’t back up your files? There comes a point when every person is faced with a technical failure and it usually takes as little as a split second for a computer crash to occur and destroy all the projects, data and photographs you have worked so hard on. Modern technology has advanced to a very high level, but data still remains vulnerable to an increasingly big number of threats. Although there are many backup options out there, many bloggers fail to realize the importance of keeping their projects and photographs safe. Let’s count down this list of the top 7 reasons why a successful blogger uses backup for their work

1. Power Failures

Data loss is not always a result of a technical failure, but also power failure and spikes. These can lead to destroyed, difficult to recover files and are quite unpredictable. A power failure or a spike can fry out the hard drive or the motherboard and this issue often results in impossible recovery of the destroyed files.

2. Compliance Standards

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In most countries, the law requests bloggers to keep records for tax purposes or regulations for a long period of time. If you are doing your job on the computer, having one copy of a document or photograph is a mistake. You can never know when technology may fail you and ensuring that you have a backup system for your projects can give you peace of mind knowing your projects are safe. After all, missing important data when faced to regulatory commissions and even IRS can lead to financial difficulties that can hurt both you and your business.

3. Advantage Over Competition

This may sound a bit odd, but backup can actually be positive in terms of competition. When a technical disaster happens, the first business or blogger to get back on their feet is the one with the advantage. Not having a backup in place for your business may result in a complete disaster in terms of its success on the market.

4. Critical Data Loss

Sometimes the data you lose in a computer/PC crisis may not only cost you money or reputation, but can also cost you your business. It is common for bloggers and creatives to shut down because of human error with data loss. When working in the photography business, one lost photograph is one lost chance for profit, and no one wants this to happen.

5. Re-doing the Same Work

Not having a backup in place when disaster strikes can be very time-consuming and damaging to the business. Since bloggers are short on time and need to work on strict deadlines, losing projects can be the end of your blog. The same is with photographers. A lose of a good photograph can be a missed chance or a project and the chances of taking the same shot again are close to none. Therefore, creatives then must do the same work once again and spend valuable time on the same thing instead of working on a different task. It is even worse when the data loss is a majority of your work, since a blogger has to replace the research and still make deadlines.

6. Theft or Loss of the Laptop/Pc

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What would happen if your computer got stolen or lost and you didn’t back up your documents and photographs? What would happen to your work? Bloggers and photographers travel and commute with their laptop and who can guarantee that the laptop is always safe on your desk? If your data is not backed up and your pc or laptop gets stolen or even lost, the chances of recovering the data are non-existent.

7. Mistakes

People make mistakes and can often be clumsy. A simple error such as spilling a liquid on the keyboard, non-updated antivirus on time or a mistaken click on a wrong key, such as the delete button can happen to anyone. Backup is crucial in the blogging world, therefore choosing a easy-to-use backup system such as Drobo can protect your projects, photographs, and business. The Drobo is not only expandable and simple to use, but can save your business when disaster strikes The truth is, backup will not only give you peace of mind, it can also save you time and money from restoring your lost projects. Successful bloggers use backup.   By Kate Simpson Kate Simpson is the talented head of the editing team at the successful AssignmentMasters project. Alongside her vital editing duties, Kate also contributes her own insights as a writer of AM news columns.