How DroboPix Will Change The Way You Backup

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I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. It’s amazingly convenient Home is Where the Wi-Fi isto always have a camera in my pocket to capture a great view, my kids goofing off, something I want to buy, or even a quick selfie!

And that’s where my pictures stay. On my phone. In my pocket…

DroboPix changes that. It ensures that photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad are automatically uploaded to your network attached Drobo (the 5N or B810n) whenever you walk into range of your Wi-Fi router.

Setting up the app is easy. First, install a DroboApp on the Drobo Dashboard for your Drobo 5N or B810n and the DroboPix iOS app on your phone. Second, use your phone to scan a QR code the DroboApp displays in order to connect them and you’re done. Your photos and videos will upload automatically for you.

So now, when you adventure out to the park with your kids and take photos or a video of them hanging upside down on the monkey bars, your photos are uploading to your Drobo as you walk in the door. They are safely backed up and easily available to import into your favorite photo editing software or for secure sharing via the DroboAccess App.


Happy Snapping!


What is a QR code?


A QR (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional bar code, which is easy for a phone to take a picture of and decode. It is often used to provide a link to a website to learn more about a product. DroboPix uses it to encode information, telling the phone how to connect to your Drobo.


When do uploads happen?  

When the QR code is scanned, DroboPix uses your current Wi-Fi network to find your Drobo. It also sets a geo-fence at your current location, using the GPS capabilities of your phone. Whenever you “cross the geo-fence” (i.e. walk into the area approximately 20 ft around the location of your WiFi router), DroboPix wakes up, finds your WiFi and uploads photos and videos to your Drobo. The phone’s operating system only lets DroboPix do this for a few minutes – if it doesn’t complete all the uploads, DroboPix will wake up periodically and continue uploading until it has completed everything.


Screen-Shot-2016-03-16-at-2.33.01-PM-270x300By: Jason O’Broin

Jason is the Director of Software Engineering at Drobo and is responsible for all software development. Jason was one of the original engineers at Drobo and has over 25 years of experience in storage, networking and operating systems development gained at Wind River and Madge Networks. He is originally from the UK and gained his Master in Computing Science from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.