How it Works

Meet your new storage solution, the safe and expandable Drobo. It's so simple that anyone can use it, yet powerful enough for business. Drobo connects to your computer or network and provides redundant data protection without the complexities of traditional RAID.

Dynamically expand storage any time. Drobo currently holds up to 120TB, depending on the model, using any combination of 3.5" disk drives or 2.5" drives for the Drobo Mini. The Drobo family offers ThunderboltTM 2, USB 3.0, USB 3.0 Type-C, Ethernet, iSCSI, and other connectivity options, so you get the data protection you need along with the speed and interface you want.

  • "I went from 2nd gen to 5D and even added a disk. It was super-painless!"

    @ssoriche - via Twitter
  • "One of my 1.5T hard drives just died. No big deal. Thanks @Drobo!"

    @ckdake - via Twitter
  • "We love our @Drobo 5N! It’s been the perfect #NAS solution for our small #animation studio."

    @HoneydewStudios - via Twitter - via Twitter
  • "Have I mentioned lately how much I love my @Drobo? #icansleepatnight"

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  • "A @drobo a day will keep the computer doctor away! Don’t forget to backup guys!"

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Redundant Protection No Headaches

Our RAID makes achieving the redundant protection of your data easy to accomplish. With every Drobo you get the redundant protection of much more expensive storage in a format you don’t have to configure or manage. BeyondRAID technology, built into every Drobo, delivers all of the benefits of traditional RAID, but leaves the limitations and complexity behind combining enhanced protection, reliability, expandability, and ease-of-use. Learn More about BeyondRAID Technology

BeyondRAID White Paper

Incomparable Expandability

Drobo is the easiest to manage storage solution available. You can purchase the capacity you need now and increase space by adding additional disk drives, or by just swapping smaller disks with larger ones later. If a drive fails, Drobo automatically protects data without user intervention. In addition, when you do add capacity, it is instantly available so you never have downtime. Drobo even protects against one or two simultaneous drive failures with just one click. To learn more about how to determine the right amount of capacity for you, click here: Get started with the Drobo Storage Calculator »

Storage On Your Terms

Storage requirements come in many different shapes and sizes. Personal computers, laptops, servers and virtual servers all have different connectivity and access needs. Whether you’re directly attached to your personal computer, sharing files with others over the network, or backing up a business application – Drobo has the connection you need and the speed you want. Drobo connects to Mac, Windows, Linux, and server virtualization systems with ease. Everyone can take advantage of simple, powerful, and complete Drobo data protection. Find the Drobo that’s right for you »

Plug In Peace of Mind

Just plug in your Drobo and rest easy knowing your data will be protected right out of the box. Add disks at any time for additional protected capacity. Drobo can even solve problems by itself. Lights on the front tell you what’s happening – if you can read a traffic light, you’re already a Drobo expert. Take a look at the lights on the front of a 5-bay Drobo. They work the same way on all Drobo models.

Upgrading With the Remarkable Drobo

Once you experience how easy it is to use a Drobo you’ll know there is nothing that compares – but that isn’t the only remarkable thing about it.

Drobo takes upgradability to the next level. Not only can you upgrade capacity with no downtime by adding new drives or replacing smaller drives with larger ones, you can seamlessly upgrade to a new Drobo by simply removing the disk pack from your current system, and moving it to a new Drobo. Upgrading not only gives you an instant performance boost, but also delivers all the other benefits of the new Drobo.

Storage Without Screws

When buying drives for traditional storage, you’re forced to struggle with screws and clips. The smart, simple Drobo changes all of this.

Insertion and removal of drives in a Drobo can be done while it is powered on and in use, making it easy to replace a failed drive or scale up when you need more capacity – all with zero downtime. Every Drobo has a unique carrier-less design. Just insert bare 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives the same way you would insert cassettes into a tape deck. No drive carriers or screws necessary.

Designed With You in Mind

The industrial design and simple user interface on Drobo takes ease-of-use to another level. Drobos are expertly crafted from the ground up with high-quality materials. One incredible Drobo innovation is its carrier-less drive bays and magnetic front bezel. Just pop drives into the front of the Drobo to increase capacity or place the bezel on the front of your Drobo and it automatically aligns and secures itself.

Drobo fans are variable speed and only spin fast (make noise) when the system needs more cooling. The high-intensity indicator lights shine through the bezel and give you a visual status of your Drobo. Desktop models can be dimmed for comfort in a home or office environment.

Drobo Dashboard makes everything easy to install, manage and maintain. And, let’s face it: Drobo looks cool. So whether it’s sitting on your desk or in your datacenter, Drobo always looks great while protecting everything that’s important to you.

For more details about our incredible design and user interface innovations, and other Drobo technologies, check out the BeyondRAID White Paper.