How This Photographer Elevated His Workflow

“The Drobo 5D provides me with performance, security, and versatility” – Photographer, Dennis Heck

“I’m an international wedding photographer based in Germany. Since the age of nine, my dad has taught me the basic photographic skills. At that time, I started to take pictures with my first analog Canon AE-1. In 2008, I started to work as a professional photographer using modern DSLRs.

I strive to provide my customers with the best wedding photography experience they can get. High quality and especially authentic pictures of the entire wedding day are my main goal. This is what I do best and also one of the main reasons for people to book me on their wedding day.

In the past, I’ve saved my pictures on a RAID-1 device which is too slow for my requirements and not exactly the perfect device if you need to expand your storage solution. In addition, I’m currently using an online backup for all my data to make sure that I have an off-site backup in case of fire or a slump.

My camera creates huge files. Every wedding adds about 200GB to my storage, so whatever device I’d use would fill up pretty fast. Managing and editing all these files requires a performance level exceeding that of my old storage solution.

I was searching the internet to identify Direct Attached Storage solutions offering Thunderbolt connectivity. I already knew that Drobo manufactures high quality NAS solutions – a good reason to search their website for a direct attached storage.

To me, everything fell into place once I tested the Drobo 5D and compared it to other solutions. I’ve taken a look at a lot of competitors and never found any solution that met my requirements. The quality of the entire product is second to none while its features outperform any other solution on the market.

I’m editing and saving all my pictures on/to my Drobo 5D. Thanks to RAID-5 or RAID-6, depending on your choice, you’ll experience a much better performance. I’m using RAID-6 to get a double drive fault tolerance which you’ll otherwise only find in enterprise customer solutions. This way I’ll have the best data availability I can get. My online cloud backup ensures full data integrity – just what the doctor ordered for professional users. Thus, you don’t lose any customer data whatever may happen.

The BeyondRAID™ technology probably is one of the best reasons to go for Drobo, delivering both flexibility and versatility like nothing else ever could. I also have to mention the internal battery protecting your data in case of a power failure, an amazing feature usually associated with enterprise storage solutions worth thousands of dollars.

The Drobo 5D provides me with performance, security, and versatility. My workflow has improved a lot since I’ve implemented the device. Efficiency and data handling have risen to a whole new level. My solution is exactly what you’d want a professional solution to be if you are dealing with important data.

I simply want to say thank you for making my life so much better with a product improving my workflow the way Drobo does. It feels good to know that my clients’ data is more secure than ever before. The handling of the Drobo 5D is easy, quick, and efficient. I ‘m looking forward to spread the word to more photographers out there while directing their attention to easy data protection – and, thus, make their lives better as well.”

By Dennis Heck