How to Easily and Securely Backup Your Phone Media

Did you know it was predicted that 1.2 trillion digital photos were going to be taken in 2017? (Source: InfoTrends.) With the growing amount of media and availability of smart phones for 2018, concerns are rising over how and where to securely store this data.

Many of us jump to the cloud when we run low on storage space; yet with the recent data breaches and growing expenses, localized storage is becoming a popular option. Using localized storage, such as Drobo, you know exactly where your data is living and it can save time and money in the long run.

To simplify the Drobo storage experience, we created an automatic and secure solution for backing up your phone’s pictures and videos with the DroboPix app. When you walk into your network, your media will automatically upload to your network attached (NAS) Drobo. This delivers security for your photos and videos, while also providing access to your media from your computer and other devices in your network. Additionally, your data can be stored in a specific “Share” on the NAS Drobo, allowing for password protection.

DroboPix is compatible with Drobo 5N, 5N2 and B810n. Available for iOS and Android.

New Updates to DroboPix App

We recently released enhancements to improve performance, security and simplicity.

Version 1.0.41 for iOS

  • Support for HEIF (Images) and HEVC (Video)
  • Option to upload HEIF images as JPG (for hosts that do not support HEIF, e.g. Windows)
  • Show videos in “Recently Upload” media strip
  • Improved performance and upload speeds
  • Device and app screen stays awake until the upload is complete
  • Fixed bug causing photos and videos to duplicate if viewed in device
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

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