How to Manually Copy Data to Drobo

*This blog is intended for migration from Drobo direct attached solutions to Drobo direct attached solutions. For assistance, please contact Drobo Support.

Did you know the original, first generation Drobo had a USB 2.0 interface? USB 2.0 was released in the year 2000 with a high-speed of 480 megabits per second (Mbps). Flash forward to today, the cutting-edge Thunderbolt™ 3 technology performs up to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) – that’s over 80X faster than USB 2.0!

The latest generation Drobo direct attached solutions (Drobo 5C, 5D3 and 8D) include USB, Type C and/or Thunderbolt 3 interfaces for cutting-edge performance. Migrating your data from an existing Drobo to a new Drobo is simple, however there are a few factors you should review beforehand.

If your Drobo has a direct migration path, you can simply transfer your disk pack to the new Drobo. However, this will limit your Drobo to be the original volume size (ex. If your previous Drobo had a volume size of 32TB and your new Drobo has a volume size of 64TB – your volume will stay at 32TB.) In addition, we recommend starting with new hard drives in your Drobo to increase reliability and performance (click here to view our recommendations.)

To take full advantage of your Drobo’s performance and capacity, we recommend manually transferring your data by connecting both Drobos to your computer. Read our steps below to manually migrate your data to Drobo.

Step 1 | Locate Ports on Computer

  • The computer will need the supported interfaces to connect both Drobos
  • Temporarily disable any energy/power saving settings that may put your computer to sleep
  • Ensure you are formatted for the same platform (i.e. Mac to Mac or Windows to Windows) *The Drobo 8D and 5D3 do not support Thunderbolt for Windows

Step 2 | Connect Your Original Drobo

  • Connect via the fastest possible interface
  • Turn on, confirm you can access your data and update to the latest Drobo Dashboard firmware

Step 3 | Connect Your New Drobo

  • Set up your Drobo using our guide
  • Leave on and connected after setup

Step 4 | Copy the Data

  • Open a window of both storage arrays and place them side by side so that you can copy the data from the original device to the new Drobo
  • To copy the data, select all the files within the original device(s) window, you can either drag and drop them to the new window with the new Drobo. Or select all the files and then right click and select copy, then right click within the new window and select paste

Step 5 | Validate and backup

  • Now that you have copied over all of your data, you should validate that the data has been copied by comparing against your used capacity, or looking at the files within the folders
  • If you moved your data from another device, you may want to consider using it as a backup for your new Drobo

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