Introducing the Fastest, Most Rugged Drobo Mini Ever

As prices for Solid State Disks (SSDs) continue to fall while their capacities rise, the PC industry has responded by incorporating SSDs into computers and laptops like the MacBook Air that are faster, quieter, cooler, more portable and more durable than a spinning hard disk drive (HDD). Today we bring those same benefits to our popular Drobo Mini with the launch of our new Drobo Mini with Solid State Disk (SSD) drives.

The Drobo Mini connects via Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 and features four 2.5” SSD drive bays with an mSATA accelerator option in a package that is rugged, compact and portable, weighing less than three pounds.

You may not realize just how much storage space SSDs now offer, but you can actually build a Drobo Mini with up 4TB of SSD capacity using 1TB drives.

Speed is where SSDs really shine.. We ran performance tests comparing a Mini loaded with SSDs and a Mini with HDDs, and the Mini with SSDs shows an improvement of over 80 percent!


When high performance, portable storage is the priority a Drobo Mini outfitted with SSD technology is the answer. For maximum performance with your new Mini, make sure to install the optional mSATA SSD that will boost read performance even further.

All photographers and video producers hold their breaths while in the field, hoping their cameras’ memory cards don’t fail before they can transfer their photos or footage to a PC or an external storage drive. Bringing along an external storage drive with HDDs sometimes is not an option, both from a weight and data transfer speed standpoint. You don’t want to lug a heavy unit around and can’t spend all night or longer waiting for content to transfer.

The Drobo Mini with SSDs solves both those problems. With its compact design it fits easily in any bag (or its own optional carrying case), and data transfers are fast! The story of how Schoolyard Films uses Drobo Minis with SSDs while in the field can serve as a model for any production crew to follow, read more here.

For more information highest performing Drobo Mini solution available, follow this link to the press release, and visit www.drobostore.com to start building your Drobo Mini with SSDs.

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