Introducing the New Drobo 4-bay: More Speed, More Features, and a New Low Price

To paraphrase the classic TV show The Six Million Dollar Man, “Engineering, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build an even better Drobo 4-bay. Better than it was before. Better… faster… more affordable.” OK, so it’s not an exact parallel; but today is a big day for Drobo.

After the launch of the first Drobo in 2007, we knew we were onto something special. Our community immediately embraced the value that Drobo had to offer and we recognize that the Drobo 4-bay is ultimately the foundation for the business we’ve built. And while that was over 300,000 units ago – the launch of the new Drobo 4-bay isn’t any less exciting today, than it was the day we launched the original.

Taking lots of feedback and suggestions from our amazing customers (and critics), the third generation Drobo is more affordable and three times faster (maybe even faster than that) than the previous version. It also includes some amazing new features such as USB 3.0, battery back up, significantly faster rebuild times and enhanced support of Apple’s Time Machine®. All that, and it comes at just under $350.

Ultimately we wanted to make a Drobo that was affordable enough for everyone. And even more than that, we wanted to thank our first and second generation 4-bay Drobo customers by introducing a customer loyalty discount program created especially for them. In appreciation of your support, you can receive $50 (USD) off a new Drobo 4-bay. And upgrading a Drobo is, well, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Drobo product. You simply remove the disk pack from your current Drobo and place them in your new Drobo. Power up – and you’re off to the races.

Once you do, you get all the great features the news Drobo has to offer, like:

  • A completely new architecture that makes it significantly faster than the previous generation
  • Rebuild times that are 4x times faster to maximize data availability in the event of a disk drive failure
  • The addition of battery backup provides even more protection in case of a power outage.
  • And for our Mac contingency, the new Drobo makes managing your Apple Time Machine backups easier than ever. As most of you know, Time Machine can quickly consume all of the capacity of an external storage system. A new feature through The Drobo Dashboard allows you to easily allocate a specific amount of capacity for Time Machine backups, saving the rest for general storage needs.

What hasn’t changed is how Drobo makes managing and protecting everything that’s important to you easy. If a drive fails, Drobo automatically protects your data without you having to do anything at all. Buy only the capacity you need now and increase space by adding additional disk drives, or by just swapping smaller disks with larger ones later. When you do, the additional capacity is instantly available.

Like I said, it’s an exciting day for us at Drobo. 300,000 units later we are still as committed today, as we were when we shipped our first Drobo. Also, a special thanks to our customers, your support and feedback is invaluable. You can also rest assured knowing our entire team works diligently every day to innovate, create and deliver the best storage experience possible. Interested in learning more about the new Drobo? Click Here

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