Is Your Data Protected in the Event of a Disaster?

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Wise words, but how many of us actually live by them when it comes to our digital assets? I’m pretty sure the answer is “not enough”.

Everyone understands the importance of backups but too many of us think we’ll manage for now and do it right tomorrow. For a lot of small and medium businesses off-site backup means the IT guy takes a tape home every night. How many nights does he or she forget? Or leave it in the glove box of the car?

drobo-blog-blow2The gold standard of backup is three, two, one. That means three copies, on two different types of media with one off-site. For the off-site portion, public cloud is becoming common, and that’s great. Initial backup to a public cloud takes a while, weeks or even months, but once it’s done the daily increments can complete comfortably overnight. Like I said, great!

Where does that leave us if we have a genuine disaster? There’s been a fire at our office, or a sprinkler malfunction has turned our IT cabinet into a sizzling mess. No problem! We’ve got our three, two, one strategy and although we’ve lost our on-site backup we’ve still got our cloud copy. Our data is safe, but it’s going to take weeks to download it all, maybe even months.

Drobo B810n can provide a solution with our FREE Drobo Disaster Recovery (DroboDR) feature. With DroboDR your data is backed up to a second B810n, which can be off-site. DroboDR will also backup your user accounts, shares and permissions.


The target unit is mountable in read-only mode so files and folders can be restored at any time. If there is disaster DroboDR recovery can be done instantly by simply taking the remote B810n out of target mode. With a couple of clicks in Drobo Dashboard your data is immediately available and back online. You can bring the second unit to your new office and get everyone online and back to business in minutes.

Disaster can happen at any time, usually the worst time. Give yourself the best protection possible by buying a B810n DR bundle now.drobo-blog-blow3

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By Rod Harrison

Rod is the CTO of Drobo and is responsible for our technical direction. Rod was one of the original engineers at Drobo and has over 25 years of experience in storage and operating systems development gained at Sun, SCO, Wind River and Veritas.