NEW Drobo Dashboard Update for Drobo Apps

Accelerate Your Workflow With Simplicity

Drobo Dashboard manages your Drobo or collection of Drobos from one, simple interface. Using the Drobo Dashboard, you can view the health of your drives, shares and volumes. We recently redesigned the Drobo Apps interface on Drobo Dashboard to enhance your experience.

With Drobo Dashboard version, 3.2.0, you can now view all compatible Drobo Apps on a single page. We incorporated our innovative light technology to provide an easy and smart solution for checking the information, installation and update status for each app. Furthermore, you can now reset your password through your email and Drobo Serial Number.


No color: App is not installed

Green light – App is installed and there are no pending updates

Yellow light – Update is pending (Double click to update)

Red light – App has stopped and needs to be restarted (Double click to restart and update, then click on green play/start button)

Double click on App Tile: App information, installation instructions and update

Drobo Apps

Available for Drobo Network Attached Solutions (Drobo 5N, 5N2 and B810n)

DroboPix and DroboAccess use Drobo’s smart technology to simplify your workflow. They are built with the user in mind to enable an easy way to backup your media and access it faster.

DroboPix: DroboPix automatically uploads your media from your iOS and Android smart devices to your Drobo. The app organizes your media by date and provides two layers of security; including geolocation verification and network data transfers. Once the images are safely stored on a Drobo, users can remotely access and share their files using the DroboAccess app.

DroboAccess: DroboAccess creates your own private cloud, with the ability to access, share and upload files remotely using a web browser, iOS and Android devices. The app is integrated with your existing user accounts and shares on your Drobo, providing security and accessibility for your data.


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