NEW Event Log for Drobo Dashboard

Available for Drobo 8D (4.2.0 and above) With Drobo Dashboard (3.4.2 or newer)

The Event Log provides a new way of viewing the internal updates within the Drobo. The Event Log shows activity such as: creating new volumes, status of data protection mode, drive information, uptime and more. To narrow down a particular event, you can select data ranges and filter based on keywords. The logs can also be downloaded for review.

For example, the image above shows a Drobo that went into data protection due to a drive being removed from “Bay 3” and then showing a drive being inserted and data protection completing a minute later.

Available for Drobo 8D (4.2.0 and above) and Drobo Dashboard (3.4.2 or newer). To check for updates please launch Drobo Dashboard and select “Tools” and “Check for Updates” or within the “Pending Updates” section.