NEW Features in Drobo Dashboard Version 3.3.0

In the Drobo Dashboard Version 3.3.0, we have added a number of improvements and enhancements to make managing your Drobo simpler, safer and smarter.
  • Organize your DroboApps and Firmware in the new “Pending Updates” section, appearing on the left-hand side within the Drobo Dashboard.
  • Simply shut down your Drobos and eject your volumes in new locations. Previously, you would have to go to “Tools → Shutdown”. Now, you can shutdown your Drobo in a few places:
    • Shut down on the main Drobo Status page, within the Shares/Volume menu, or under tools in the Drobo Dashboard
    • On Mac, we have also made a Shutdown or Unmount/Eject available via the menu bar icon

Note: If you have multiple Drobos, the page will show you all Drobos you are logged in to. Additionally, if you unmount or eject any volume, all you have to do is replug the interface cable and the volume will remount.

  • View the current Read/Write speeds being achieved by Drobo. To access this page, go to Drobo Dashboard → Select Your Drobo → Status → On the dropdown menu click “Performance”
    • In order to get the peak performance on any of our Direct Attached Storage units follow our guide here.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements
Best Practices
In accordance with industry best practices, you should always back up your data before any firmware upgrade. For more information, please visit Drobo Support.
Additional Notes
For macOS High Sierra and above users, please note the Drobo Dashboard application will need to be “allowed” under “System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General.”
Supported Operating Systems
macOS: 10.12.x, 10.13.x, 10.14.x Windows: Win7, Win8, Win10, Win2008, Win2012
Direct Downloads
Mac Drobo Dashboard Download for Mac Windows Drobo Dashboard Download for Windows