myDrobo Privacy Policy

Drobo recognizes that privacy is extremely important to our customers. We do not share user data with third parties. We do not collect more personal user data than are required to provide the myDrobo service. The myDrobo service does not collect any data that can be used to identify an individual user. We do not keep detailed logs of which services on your Drobo are being accessed, and do not record the IP address of your Drobo.

We do keep track of the total amount of data flowing through your myDrobo service, but we cannot see that data. All data flowing through the myDrobo are encrypted end-to-end, that means encrypted inside your Drobo and not decrypted until they reach your phone, tablet or browser. Drobo does not have access to the keys required to decrypt these data.

We can find your Drobo serial number and use it to locate your Drobo Support portal account. However, we will only do this to inform you of any breach of our Terms and Conditions, or to notify you of a situation or condition that may affect your use of the myDrobo service.

We do help to keep your Drobo’s Internet address private. Any attack on the name you choose for your myDrobo services will hit our relay servers and not your Drobo or your Internet router. Our relay partners are prepared for this kind of attack and can withstand it.

No personally identifiable information that you provide to Drobo or information regarding the manner in which you use the myDrobo service will be disclosed by Drobo except as permitted by our Terms of Service or required by law.

By registering as a user of the myDrobo service, you agree that Drobo may share with other parties aggregate information about your usage. “Aggregate information” is information that describes the habits, usage patterns and/or demographics of customers as a group but does not indicate the identity of particular customers.

In addition, you agree that Drobo may share such limited individual information to third parties as is required to provide the myDrobo service (including but not limited to information required for billing and payment processing, and registration of Internet domain names).

Drobo may also cooperate with police authorities or other official authorities in the investigation of any suspected criminal or illegal activity.