Protecting the Earth While Exploring the Outdoors

When you step out in the wilderness to explore and take photos, do you think of the impact it can have on the environment? Photographer and DroboExplorer Hendrik Morkel’s mission is to bring light on this important topic.

As a member of 1% For the Planet and Leave No Trace, Hendrik strives to leave the earth as it is, so his kids can enjoy the same natural beauty that he has. Below, he shares three tips that you can follow while exploring the outdoors.

  1. Follow the Leave no Trace Principles
    • Plan ahead and prepare to not start dangerous fires or set up camp in an unsafe location
    • Travel and camp on durable surfaces to not damage vegetation or disturb wildlife
    • Dispose of waste properly to not pollute nearby water sources
    • Leave what you find and don’t carve trees or pick flowers
    • Minimize campfire impacts by ensuring there is sufficient wood supplies and reviewing the fire danger
    • Respect wildlife by not getting too close, creating loud noises or quick movements
    • Be considerate of others by knowing who has the right away on paths, keeping noise down and space while camping.
  2. Don’t geotag on social media
    • Found an amazing unknown location to shoot? Sharing this location will only cause high traffic of visitors and may destroy the environment. Also, what’s the fun of exploring if everyone knows what’s around the corner?
  3. Explore your local area
    • Be local! Skip the car or plane ride and walk or bike to a new spot around you. You would be amazed on what you can find and photograph.

Bottom line, many of us love to explore and photograph our surroundings. Just make sure to do your part for generations ahead of us!

Join Hendrik Morkel for Drobo’s Instagram Takeover on Earth Day Monday, April 22nd to discover tips for shooting landscape photography and protecting the environment.