Migrating is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  • Step 1

    Upgrade firmware on both Drobos

  • Step 2

    Shutdown Drobos and move Drives       

  • Step 3

    Power on and connect to your new Drobo

When it comes to upgrading your Drobo to a larger or newer version, you have several options. Use the links below to navigate to the scenario that best fits your current configuration. In most cases, migrating your “disk pack” (set of drives) from an older Drobo to a newer one is as simple as removing them from the older one, and placing them in the new one. Also note that in most cases migrating drives is a one-way operation. Once you move drives, you will no longer be able to access the data they contain with the older Drobo.
  • Your Drives and data must be in a healthy state.
  • WARNING: DO NOT migrate drives when either Drobo is turned on. This can result in data loss.
  • Firmware must be at current version and data accessible before you can move or migrate the drives.

Supported Disk Pack Migrations

Direct Attached StorageNetwork Attached StorageiSCSI SAN

Direct Attached Storage

  • Products
  • Drobo Mini
  • Drobo Gen1
  • Drobo Gen2
  • Drobo Gen3
  • Drobo 5C
  • Drobo S
  • Drobo S 2
  • Drobo 5D
  • Drobo 5Dt
  • DroboPro
  • Drobo 5D3
  • Drobo 8D
  • Drobo
  • 4-bay  Gen1
  • 4-bay  Gen2
  • 4-bay  Gen3
  • 5-bay Drobo 5C
  • 5-bay Drobo S
  • 5-bay Drobo S 2
  • 5-bay Drobo 5D
  • 5-bay Drobo 5D3
  • 8-bay DroboPro
  • 8-bay Drobo 8D
  • 2
  • 2
  • 2

Network Attached Storage

  • Products
  • Drobo FS
  • Drobo 5N
  • Drobo 5N2
  • DroboPro FS
  • Drobo B800fs
  • Drobo B810n
  • 5-bay
    Drobo FS
  • 5-bay
    Drobo 5N
  • 5-bay
    Drobo 5N2
  • 8-bay
    DroboPro FS
  • 8-bay
    Drobo B800fs
  • 8-bay
    Drobo B810n


  • Products
  • DroboElite
  • Drobo B800i
  • Drobo B1200i
  • Drobo B810i
  • 8-bay
  • 8-bay
    Drobo B800i
  • 8-bay
    Drobo B810i
  • 12-bay
    Drobo B1200i


  • The firmware on the older unit should be updated to the latest version before the pack is moved to the new Drobo unit.
  • To download the newest firmware please go to our Downloads and Docs page.

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