Roman Königshofer, Adventure Sports Photographer, Filmmaker & Visual Content Creator, Maintains Focus with Drobo 5D3



Roman Königshofer, Adventure Sports Photographer, Filmmaker & Visual Content Creator, captures adventures as they happen, the sceneries on which they play out and the time spent in between. His photography is both documentary and artistic. Always happy to hike that extra mile to get the shot, he is skilled across various conditions, from the office to the summit. From a filming perspective, working lightly and efficiently is Roman Königshofer’s specialty. Involved in all aspects of production as a director, videographer and editor, he has worked on action/outdoor sports productions, documentaries and branded content. As an independent filmmaker he has been commissioned to work with a vast array of clients – from tourism offices to advertising agencies. Roman Königshofer’s has worked with some of the most well-known and highly respected brands ranging from Mercedes-Benz to Samsung to Nike. “I got into photography many years ago, when I wanted to capture my friends doing tricks on skates and snowboards. This was really the start – I was still with slide film at that time. It was all learning by doing… The Internet just started and there was no social media around,” said Königshofer. “Today, my mission is simple – to deliver the best possible photo in every situation. My clients really appreciate that I always do my very best to get the shot they need. If both my client and I are happy, I know I did a good job.” “Besides that, I’m always stoked if people tell me that they appreciate nature more because they saw my images and feel motivated to go out into nature to connect with it again. To know that some of my images really inspire people to do that is a great feeling” Königshofer continued. “I’m inspired by almost everything. I find it in nature, in books, in other people and the awesome athletes out there, but also online sometimes.”

The Challenge

“Some time ago, I experienced a hard drive crash that resulted in the loss of some really important footage. I knew I would never get it back. It was definitely a lesson. I realized that at some point, a hard drive may fail. It is likely just a question of time. I had to make sure it never happened again,” explained Königshofer. “After hearing about what had happened, my friend and colleague, the talented filmmaker Tobi Schnorpfeil, introduced me to Drobo. As someone with a ton of gigabytes he cannot afford to lose, and a longtime highly satisfied Drobo user, he recommended it as a very easy to set up and use, safe place to store my photos and film.”

Königshofer chose the Drobo 5D3, lightning fast storage for creative workflow. The Drobo 5D3 is the 3rd generation 5 Bay direct-attached storage (DAS), reimagined for media professionals, content creators and small businesses. Lightning fast Thunderbolt™ 3 technology delivers the speed, while Drobo’s fully automated BeyondRAID™ functionality provides the simplicity. Not only is the 5D3 fast, but it’s easy to use, expandable, flexible and protected. With the Drobo 5D3, Königshofer can now safely edit, store and view photos and videos in a 4K/5K workflow, as well as backup personal and business data. “Today, my workflow is plain and simple. I shoot and back it up on my portable SSD. I keep everything on my memory cards too. Once back at my office, I back it up directly onto my Drobo,” said Königshofer. “I love the simple drag-and-drop workflow. It is fast too, so I have the option to work from the Drobo too, if I want. The best part for me is that I don’t have to deal with a ton of single hard drives anymore. And, I finally have an overview.” Königshofer added, “Bottom line, is simply saves me a lot of time, which can now be spent on things I love and have fun with. It makes me feel relaxed too – knowing my work is in a safe place is a really good feeling.”

Parting Advice

“Today, having a backup system in place should be second nature for every creative out there. If you make a living from your work, and you care about it, there is no other option. Whether for work, or for shooting family and friends, I highly recommend to everyone to not risk losing those moments – so many of which may never come again.”

Check out Roman Königshofer’s website here.