Searching for a Storage Solution That “Just Works”

As our lives get busier, we want products that “just work” to make our daily routine easier. However, searching for these products can become time-consuming, especially when it comes to finding a storage and backup solution. To speed up the research process, photographer and business owner Sven Seele shares different storage products that he has tested in his workflow and the unexpected turns along the way.

Living on the Storage Edge

“As a photographer, there is nothing worse than losing important images and raw files due to a data failure,” Seele said. “However, at the same time, you don’t want to be bothered with safety concerns. My goal was to find a system, which I could setup with as little effort as possible, while also providing reliability and expandability.”

Seele was quickly running out of space on his MacBook Pro and to expand capacity he purchased an external hard drive. Knowing from experience that all hard drives will fail, this left him on edge about the drive failing. Furthermore, manually transferring data to the drive was becoming a time-consuming and agonizing process.

Looking for additional data protection, he tested a RAID array. RAID short for, Redundant Array of Independent Disks, requires manual configuration of your data.

“I was not enthusiastic about the performance and management. The setup was more than difficult and did not match my expectations, it ended up with too much time to handle the storage system.”

Meeting Storage Expectations

For his growing business, he wanted to be able to focus on what he loves to do, instead of configuring complicated settings. He continued his research online, and came across the Drobo 5C.

“The product description of the Drobo 5C matched exactly my expectations as a photographer and Mac User.”


  • USB-C interface
  • Data security in the case of a hard drive failure
  • Compatibility with Apple Time Machine
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Automated system

Unlike a normal RAID array, the Drobo automatically configures the complicated settings for you and is easily expandable. It protects against drive failures and organizes your data by showing up as a single drive on your computer. Seele found the biggest advantage to be the simplicity, allowing him a way to focus on his business instead of the technology.

To extend the functionality of the Drobo 5C, Seele placed his Apple Time Machine Backup directly on the Drobo, which automatically saves his data every hour.

“For me, the Drobo is currently without alternative in the market for USB-C connection for the new MacBook Pro.”

Seele now has a storage backup solution that not only “just works”, but has the ability to protect and enhance his workflow. Backing up data is a necessary step for a successful business, however, it doesn’t need to be your only step. Find your peace of mind with Drobo.

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