Steve Neumann & Friends Gets Friendly Storage, Saves $40,000

Steve Neumann is the CEO of Steve Neumann & Friends, a Houston-based design firm that specializes in health and institution signage. They needed a storage solution that would provide easily upgradable storage, reduce complexity of storage, and improve their backup reliability while playing nice with an OS X server environment. Drobo met these requirements better than any other option, and it came at a substantial cost savings as well.

b800i-hero-300x210SN&F needed storage space for a file server. As a design firm, they needed long-term archival storage of files. They also needed to implement tiered storage, and a greater level of backup reliability. And the solution they chose for this complex operation had to easy to manage. They went with a combination of Drobos—the Drobo B800fs NAS array and the B800i with iSCSI. Not only did this meet their requirements, but Drobo was also $40,000 cheaper. It also has full support for the Apple File Protocol for Mac friendly-networked storage.

Drobo has several advantages over competitors’ offerings. First, Drobo allowed for more storage than OS X server would normally allow in RAID. The Drobo also made it super easy for them to expand using the instant expansion capabilities of BeyondRAID. They could plan for immediate storage needs and add more as the business grew. All the difficult tasks, such as setting RAID levels, Drobo does automatically and without downtime once the user picks single or dual redundancy. Drobo’s technology can even mix and match drives. All this allows their Drobo to be right sized for their business. No need to buy more storage than needed due the pain of rebuilding a RAID array. The Drobo comes at the right ratio of price and performance.

Managing this storage solution is as easy as it is to expand the Drobo. The Drobo’s front panel lights and the Drobo Dashboard alert you if there’s a problem. Other than the updates, it’s hands off. This reduces the complexity of management greatly. From one American business to another, Steve appreciates that not only are Drobo’s design facilities in San Jose, Calif., our call center is located in Omaha, Neb. As a designer, he also approves of Drobo’s industrial design.

“More reliable storage and update. Larger (mass) storage than could be utilized within a Mac OS Server. Ease of updating and increasing storage capacity,” is what Drobo provides the Design Office of Steve Neumann and Friends. They are extremely satisfied with the performance of their Drobos. If you have similar needs, maybe Drobo can be the right solution for your business as well. Please go to Drobo.com for further information.

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