Drobo 5D & 5Dt (Turbo)

The Complete Solution for Professional Users


Everything You’d Expect in a Drobo

The 5D and 5Dt are designed from the ground up to meet the data storage needs of today’s media creators and demanding professionals. The Drobo 5D and the 5Dt are built on the award-winning functionality, blazing fast performance and Drobo’s unprecedented flexibility, data protection, and expandability. They both offer high-speed ThunderboltTM 2 and USB 3.0, providing flexibility across two commonly used interfaces and support 4k Thunderbolt displays.

The Drobo 5Dt (Turbo Edition) includes an mSATA card for increased performance of up to 30% on streaming video and 3x read performance via Drobo’s Hot Data Cache. The 5Dt includes three years of DroboCare support, Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 cables to ensure the best storage experience ever.


Here are some Resources to help you choose the perfect Drobo.

Need Help Choosing?

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  • Drive Selector

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  • Drobo Migration

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Drobo 5Dt

Smart storage that grows with you and protects what matters.